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How to start a blog in 2019 (A step by step Guide for beginners)

My decision to learn how to start a blog and begin making money from it on the side of the traditional job or goto people’s office for a job. On top of that, starting a blog has helped me generate…

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How to Add WordPress Favicon in your WordPress Site

wordpress favicon

WordPress Favicon is a small image that displays next to your website’s name in a browser tab. It helps people to identify your site more frequently. WordPress Favicon is also used in other places like browser bookmarks, iOS home screen buttons,…

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5 Methods to Solve ‘Unfortunately google play services has stopped’ Error

Unfortunately google play services has stopped

Android Face lots of common errors like Parse Error, DF A8’h Error, Javascript:void(0) and so on. ‘Unfortunately google play services has stopped‘ error is also one of these common errors. At the point when Google Play malfunctions or receives an…

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5 Ways To Choose a Name For Your New Blog/Website


Naming your blog is a critical part of blog marking, or blog accomplishment so far as that is concerned. It appears to be imperative to my guests as well. A couple of months back I had an incredible…

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How do I Fix Javascript:void(0) Error on Chrome, Firefox, IE

Solve Javascript:void(0)

We face lots of errors on the computer while surfing the internet and javascript:void(0) is one of them. javascript:void(0) is not a very critical error, it occurs when we try to access some certain web pages. Simply, javascript:void(0)…

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