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Apple’s server hacked by 16 year old, wanted to work with apple

apple company

At the beginning of this month, Apple company has become the world’s first 1 trillion dollars (about 68,620 billion). The iMac and iphone company results of the April-June quarter, the company’s shares rose 2.8 percent to reach $ 207.05. It means apple’s stock market value is more than a third size of the UK economy and larger than the economies of Turkey and Switzerland.

How he hacked the Apple’s Server?

Well, it is believed that Apple’s server is a secure technology company, but a 16-year-old kid has hacked Apple’s servers and has stolen 90 GB of Apple’s customers’ data. The special thing is that even big and famous hackers have tried to hack Apple’s servers and have failed.

apple company
Image Source: Pixabay

According to media reports, a 16-year-old child from Australia hacked Apple’s server. During the hacking, he used VPN to hide his identity. Although Apple has identified its laptop serial number After this, the police have recovered two Apple laptops, hard drives and mobile. The child’s name is not being highlighted due to being a minor.

The point here to note is that after the theft of data from the server, the child also created a folder on the server by hacking the hack, hack, hack and restoring the data. After hacking, he removed some keys and also saw the login and password of the users. However, it is not yet clear what kind of data he has played.

The child has also hacked the server and shares the screenshot with friends on WhatsApp. At the same time, the police has also detected the software through which he hacked Apple’s server.

The child’s lawyer has said that he is a big fan of Apple and wants to work in the company. Although Apple does not want to let this issue become a sensation and has not given any statement yet. At present the child has been convicted by the court, although the sentence has not yet been announced.

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