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In today’s article, I will share some best domain registrar for a .online domain name at the Cheapest price but I know there may be some wrong facts about .online domain name so firstly I will clear all the doubts related to .online domain name extension then I will share a hosting company from where you can buy .online domain name for 15 Rs.

best domain registrar
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You can also try one of there hosting package for free for one month but To make this really happen Read this article carefully because all these things will happen only if you apply our given coupon code.

Note: This is only an Offer and It will expire in some days (or month) So Buy this deal as soon as possible and It may be that when you are reading this article, this offer is over.

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best domain registrar

Firstly I will share all your doubts regarding .online domain name extension

Q1 Is this domain name SEO Friendly?

Ans: Yes, A .online domain name is SEO friendly and It works like other domain names and I Would like to inform you that Google has clearly mentioned that the domain extensions don’t impact rankings of any website. Google crawls and considers all the new TLDs in a similar way. Read the detailed blog here.

Q2 Will, I get Adsense approval on .online domain name?

Ans: As I said above Google does not see new TLDs domain name Extension So Definitely you will get Adsense approval but only when If you qualified there Terms and Condition.

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I think these two questions are very important questions for any new blogger or any website maker and now all your doubts related to .online domain name extension are clear but If your doubts are not clear then you can ask your question in the comment box and I will happy to answer your question.

Now for the best domain registrar, I need to compare some hosting company so let’s do this.

best domain registrar
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1- Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the top hosting company in the world but It provides .online domain name for 1215 Rs ($17 approx). and it is costly but I personally recommend Bluehost for hosting because their service is awesome.

2- GoDaddy

Now GoDaddy is also a best-hosting company and actually GoDaddy powers BlogOway and We are happy with GoDaddy. Godaddy Charge 199 Rs (approx $3) which is more.


HostGator charge 637 Rs (approx $9) for .online domain name but it charge 1600 Rs (approx $23) and this is a big amount of money for any Indian (at least for me).

All these three companies are the best domain registrar but they charge more money for a .online domain name.

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HostKarle (best domain registrar)

best domain registrar

So finally Readers HostKarle is a hosting company where you will get your domain name for 15 Rs (approx 0. something dollars) and this is the price with the Coupon code and You can also purchase .online extension domain name for  20 Rs without the coupon code.

How To Purchase .online domain name and free hosting

To purchase .online extension domain name, What You have to do is simply signup/login and purchase a .online domain name and Apply this coupon code (RIPON15) and for free hosting, apply this coupon code (RIPONFREE) and enjoy this free hosting and cheap domain name.

To Purchase .online domain name and free hosting for one month Click Here

So finally Readers you will get a .online domain name for 15 Rs (and for 20 Rs without coupon code) and you can also purchase hosting package for one month for free.

HostKarle (As the best domain registrar) My Review

best domain registrar

You can search HostKarle on Google about their reviews and I saw their reviews on google and on other social sites and their reviews are awesome. So you can buy this domain name with just Rs. 15 (INR). Hurry before this offer and coupon code ends.

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