Guest Blogger Guidelines

The purpose of these Terms & Conditions is to detail the terms under which a Guest Blogger may write content for the

1. Content provided must be Guest Blogger’s original work and must not be published anywhere else online, before and/or after it is published on BlogOway’s website. Once Guest Blogger has submitted content to BlogOway, it may not be published anywhere else online, including Guest Blogger’s own website/blog without BlogOway written consent.

2. Plagiarism: Plagiarism is not permitted. Guest Blogger agrees to ensure that all sources are properly credited. BlogOway will not be held accountable for improperly credited sources. Guest Blogger agrees to take all responsibility for plagiarism or improper citations.

3. Length: BlogOway prefers that the length of each blog post be between 300 and 1000 words.

4. Images: BlogOway will accept images and/or video to accompany blog posts. BlogOway prefers that the images/videos Guest Blogger provides are related to the content. BlogOway reserves the right to reject any image or video. BlogOway reserves the right to use it’s own image/video or any other image/video of it’s choosing alongside any blog post. If Guest Blogger provides an original image, Guest Blogger gives BlogOway permission to use that image. Guest Blogger will verify that BlogOway has permission to use any image that Guest Blogger provides. If Guest Blogger is borrowing an image, he/she agrees to use proper attribution.

5. Blogger Backlink: BlogOway allows Guest Blogger backlink with links to Guest Blogger’s website and/or social media pages. BlogOway reserves the right to refuse any link for any reason. BlogOway reserves the right to limit the number of Backlink. The link may not be an affiliate link or point to an affiliate site.

6. Links: BlogOway reserves the right to refuse and remove any links within the post. This may be done without notice.

7. Editing: BlogOway may make changes to the content for any reason. Prior to publication, BlogOway will make sure that Guest Blogger agrees with the changes.

8. If a guest post is inappropriate or needs improvement, BlogOway will give Guest Blogger notice and may offer suggestions.

9. BlogOway reserves the right to refuse publication, remove any content, and make changes to these guidelines.

10. Changes to terms: BlogOway may change these Terms & Conditions at any time. Guest Blogger is solely responsible for staying up-to-date with these Terms & Conditions.

Each party confirms its agreement to the Terms & Conditions listed above. By publishing content on the BlogOway, Guest Blogger confirms his/her agreement to these Terms & Conditions.