Hosting at Their Best Price with Great Features and My own personal experience

cheap web hosting India

So Readers I am here with another Trending article about cheap web hosting India. Whenever we want to create a website for blogging or for any other purpose we look for cheap web hosting India with the great server response. As we know There are many hosting companies available on the internet but only a few of them provide great service. So I am listing out all of them with my personal experience.

1- Blue Host

cheap web hosting India

I think You all know about Bluehost. Bluehost is the one of the most trusted web hosting company in the world. Bluehost powers about +2 Million websites in the world with there happy customers and If you are new in blogging or any other type of business then you should try Bluehost.

If you want Bluehost hosting with 50% Off Then you can click below banner


2- Godaddy

cheap web hosting India

If you see my own personal experience then it said GoDaddy is best because BlogOway  is hosted with Godaddy, however, I faced some Problems at the start of my Blogging Career but it was a technical issue from the GoDaddy and I think that issue was solved within one or 2 hours and After that I never faced any problem related to a server or any other technical problem and I think GoDaddy is also a good hosting company If you see my own personal experience. and If you want cheap web hosting India then you can try GoDaddy, And I also Recommend Godaddy. If you want Godaddy Hosting Click Here


3- Hosting Raja

cheap web hosting India

As you saw Upper Banner, And we are discussing about cheap web hosting India, You can think that What Hostingraja Provide. They are the No 1 Hosting Company in India, According to HostingRaja. But I haven’t Tried HostingRaja yet but I saw Some Reviews on the Internet about Hostingraja and According to that reviews, You can try HostingRaja. Below is the Hosting Plan Description

cheap web hosting India

There Hosting Plans are cheap and good, You can try one of these plans to Power your Website


4- HostGator

I tried Host Gator Once in my life and There Support Is very good. They are good in WordPress hosting. You can install WordPress in one click with there hosting plans. and I think they provide cheap web hosting India.

cheap web hosting India

Whenever You go on  hostgator, There is an Offer About Hosting. You can try one of these offers to buy cheap web hosting India.

5- Hostinger

cheap web hosting India

I think You all knows about 000webhost and If you don’t know about 000webhost then Let me tell You 000webhost is the first hosting company that I take host services from it and believe me The experience was so good till 1 year and after one year my website crashes several times in a weak and then suddenly I saw a banner about Hostinger and then I understand that all these crashes are for Paid hosting. They are said to me that If you want a crashless website then you must buy one of our hostings plans. But Overall My experience was good with 000webhost.

Let’s Talk about Hostinger, It is also a good hosting company that provides cheap web hosting. As you can saw below There is an offer about 80% off on hosting. You can try there cheap web hosting India.

cheap web hosting India

And Below is the list of there hosting plan and one thing more With Every Hosting Plan You can Get a free domain name for the lifetime.

cheap web hosting India



cheap web hosting India

As Any other Hosting Company, Big rock stands out with there own unique features. Bigrock Provide a domain name with 99 Rs If you buy a domain for 2 years.

When I purchased Bigrock Hosting Then I think It was 2016 and I tried There Hosting And Overall Experience Is Good and Bigrock is also an Indian company. You can see below the Bigrock Hosting Plan.

cheap web hosting India



Overall All The Hosting Company are good which I list out in this article and there is the only difference of Money and exceptions (Like Server down, or any other problem).

I Hope You all Understand all my personal experience from these Blogs. If You have tried any of these Hosting Website Then You can Share Your Experience By Commenting Below. Thanks

3 Comments on “Hosting at Their Best Price with Great Features and My own personal experience”

  1. Hi Suprabhat,Great post indeed!Actually I want to hosting for my event base site. I think in my previous comment, I asked about dedicated server but you did not reply. Please Suprabhat suggest me best hosting plan for 5-8 lac visitor/ day or 3k to 7k visitor online at a time. Thanks in Advance. Regards:Areesha Noor!

    1. Well If your website’s traffic is more than 1 lakh per day then you must buy a dedicated server from a good web hosting company.
      I suggest You can purchase your hosting from Bluehost They are awesome in everything.
      To purchase a dedicated server click here and you can also try our buy back deals.

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