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Creative Ideas: According to psychological feature man of science Robert J. Sternberg, creativeness may be broadly speaking outlined as “…the process of manufacturing one thing that’s each original and worthy.” creativeness is all regarding finding new ways that of resolution issues and approaching things. this is not a talent restricted to artists, musicians or writers; it’s a helpful talent for individuals from all walks of life.

Many times you may have felt that whenever we’d like a replacement plan to unravel a tangle or do any work, then it doesn’t are available our mind albeit we expect lakhs however typically such artistic concepts, concepts or solutions suddenly involves our brain; For example, whereas strolling, bathing, driving or acting on some aspect. This is not just with you, but the great innovation of the world is the creation of the same creative idea which comes suddenly in our mind, like Einstein’s idea of Theory of Relativity came while the car driving, the same gravitational theory of Newton is the result of falling apple.

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But why does it happen that some new ideas, creativity or Idea do not come from thinking but suddenly come to our mind?

How Creative Ideas came in our Mind

The Preparation stage

After gathering information for something new, we go into the incubation stage. During this time we stop all those activities which we started. Many times we feel desperate here because success still does not appear. During this time, many people try to focus their attention, such as yoga, meditation, sports jump, roam or rest, so that the mind can be rested but still unconscious thought process continues inside our brain, Neither tries to think something new But still we are far away from creativity.

The Illumination stage

There is a turning point in our lives many times when we get the solution to any problem suddenly. This is the Illumination stage where creative thoughts suddenly come to our mind and we get the solution. This is also called “eureka experiences”.

The Verification stage

This is the time of action where we try to check our creative ideas and work accordingly. If Idea is Perfect then it comes in front of everyone, a result which acts as inspiration for other people.

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