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Df A’8, default error is one of the common error in Android smartphones. It occurs because of some technical issue of the device. You can solve this “DF A8’H Error” problem with this method:

Method 1: Here are the steps to resolve your problem or “DF A8’H Default Error”:

1. Power on phone with battery

2. Attach USB cable

3. Select computer from mobile

4. Install a driver from masterTool driver folder(C:Program FilesMasterBoxDriver)

5. Use IMEI at option If IMEI the at the phone is not switching on…

6. Disconnect mobile from master tools box and minimize Master-tools window

7. Power on with battery

8. Attach USB cable

9. Select Option comport in a handset

10. when asking for drive give path from C: Program FilesMasterBoxDriverMediaTek

11. Now Roster master tools window

12. Click on IMEI at meta follows

This instruction no need power key press hope you will get the successful result.

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