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Friends As you know money earning is not the tough task on the internet but what makes it tough is the way we try to earn money on the internet. We don’t try the genuine method to earn money from the internet. We tried some Google Apps that gives as some small amount of money. So I am sharing some good ways to earn money apps for android.

So Friends in Today’s Article I will share you some big Method to make Extra income on the internet but before starting the article, keep in mind that money making Apps on the Play store may make some Dollars for you (But you can not earn more than 10$ or 700 Rs or if you reached to that limit  than you will be blocked by the respective app and one thing more you can not make your career on these silly apps.

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1 – Become A Seller On Amazon Seller App

Price: Free / $0.99 per item sold / $39.99 per month

Earn Money Apps For Android

Friends, We can earn huge Income by selling our goods (Physical Product) and services in the Amazon Seller App. Many of my friends from India are making their regular and Primary source of income from the Amazon. Keep in mind that for a regular source of income, You must invest some time, some money and the most important thing some patience in your business and If you want to learn some basic guidelines for “How to become a successful Amazon Seller“, You can search it on google.


2 – Blogging Through WordPress App

Earn Money Apps For Android

I think you know that WordPress power almost 30% Website on the internet (I saw it in 2018 Survey, You can also search for it in google) and If you know the power of Blogging then you may be the next Harsh Agarwal But let me clear one thing, Only writing blogs or articles will never make you rich and you can never earn any dollar from it. But you should write blogs with Focus and most important “Interest” in what you are writing. There May be some Investment in blogging to buy A Reputated Domain name with Hosting but you can Start it for free with the .ooo Domain name for one year with Free Hosting.

(.ooo free domain name offer will expire in future)

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3 – Income From the Youtube Monetization

Earn Money Apps For Android

Nowadays, Youtube becomes a trend for everyone and There are many peoples around the world who takes it Professionally and They are making Huge Income from it so you can Also make your career on Youtube But Readers Blogging is more popular than Youtube Channel. I am not saying you to start your blog but I am saying you what the truth is.

To create Your Youtube Channel Click Here

You can go anywhere But To make a regular and happy income you must follow your passion. I am writing some tips and some guidelines below about youtube and I hope, It will finish all your doubts.

What you should have to start a youtube channel

1- First You Need a Topic or Niche to make videos on it

2- A Good Smartphone with good Camera

3- A mic (or you can also try your smartphone’s mic ) for Recording

4- A video editing Software (Videoscribe or Sony Vegas Pro)

5- And Most Important Thing ‘Patience’


Now you are ready to become a Youtuber. I know at the start of your youtube journey, Your videos may flop but you must upload your videos at regular Intervals and Believe me you will gain your Subscribers Fast after 6 Months.

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4 – Income From the Etsy App

Earn Money Apps For Android

Many peoples are the good artist they are the best creators and best thinkers. Peoples like that can use an online shop like Etsy to sell their creativity and arts for some income. You can find a variety of handmade products by someone creativity which may be the limited edition or one of a kind. Creative and Artistic Sellers can sell their products to all the App Users. The app itself is called Sell on Etsy. You can manage your shop, your orders, and your listings from this app. You can also chat with potential customers and do other stuff. This is a great way for the artistically inclined to make a few Dollars. The app will help them do that.


5 –  High Revenue From Snaptee

Earn Money Apps For Android

Snaptee is a perfect platform for Creative Persons and who wants to generate valuable income. Those creative Persons can use their creativity to make the different type of T-shirts and can sell that T-shirts to Many E-commerce Stores Like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart (for India) etc However There is a price Set for every T-shirt in Snaptee Which you will pay to Snaptee after the selling of successful T-shirts.

I think this Example Can make you more Clear

Suppose you make a T-shirt and you set a price $10 (For Indians 500 RS) then you are paying $2 (200 RS) to Snaptee for their free store and other free services after Successful selling of Each and Every T-shirt.

I think you all get this article efficiently and Hope you understand all my points clearly.

Note For Readers

Readers, If You know more about it then you can share your thoughts and suggestions by commenting below.

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  • Brandi Gates
    Brandi Gates

    Amazing ways of earning through apps. and youtube apps is awesome but i want to know when will my videos monetize ?

    • Ayush Singh
      Ayush Singh

      when you got 4,000 hours of overall watch time on your channel within the past 12 months and have at least 1,000 subscribers.

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