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Third of person received messages from scammers, survey finds

scam messages

It is discovered that of the 34% who had received a scam messages, 7% had lost there privacy, money or both.

Facebook Messenger was the second most normal Messenger for Sending Scams, with 16% of facebook Users have received a Scam message over the most recent a half year.

This was trailed by 10% of WhatsApp Users.

The most widely recognized Scam was masseged which claim to be from HM Revenue and Customs.

Scam messages
Image Credit: GOOGLE 10% of WhatsApp users got Scammed by messages















Scam messages that declare to be from HMRC were sent to 42% of the individuals who got a fraudulent message over the most recent year.

The second and third most basic scam Messages saw 34% got message saying they had won an competition and 32% were reached over fake accidental insurance claim.

Messaging scams usually attempt to coax victims into clicking on a link or calling a number to disclose personal or financial information.

Fraudsters also use technology to make their number appear on a person’s phone as the name of an association, influencing their scam content to appear to be legitimate.

scam messages
Image Credit: GOOGLE Which? advises people to be vigilant and scrutinise messages















Which? consumer rights editor Adam French said: “We found frightening numbers of people are receiving spam messages, abandoning them helpless against the loss of their well deserved money and furthermore delicate individual data.

“Firms must take a action to stop these messages for making scams.”

The group advised people to be watchful and examine messages.

Which said the most recent figures recommended there was “still work to do on this issue”, regardless of HMRC saying in January it had cut the quantity of messages achieving telephones by 90%.

A HMRC official stated: “HMRC is a trusted brand in the market that fraudsters frequently endeavor to misuse.

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