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Nowadays, Everyone wants to be a successful YouTuber because of some Fame, Money, and Followers. YouTube is so popular and over millions of users use it daily. YouTube is going to be a part of every people. Youtube is the best-earning platform in this era and we can say there is nothing wrong with this. In this Article, I’ll tell you some topics for youtube channel to grow fast.

When we start a YouTube channel, Lots of things comes in our mind, like- Topics for youtube channel? ideas for youtube channel names? best topic for youtube channel? youtube channel ideas? bff video ideas? youtube video ideas for beginners? what type of youtube videos get viewed most? how to make youtube video popular? how to make youtube channel popular? how to make a good youtube video? And so on…

Sometimes, getting started is the hardest part and when we start posting videos, we get confused about which types of YouTube videos we should upload.

Topics for youtube Channel

That’s why you need an idea for a starting point so you can work on getting better. Below is the list of the most genuine and common video content styles that are extremely popular on YouTube today.

Before starting you must know:- Youtube Success Tips For New Youtubers

Best YouTube Video Ideas for Beginners

1. Unboxing New Products

Online shopping is going to be a trend nowadays and it also opened many doors for the buyers to buy everything anytime sitting on their bed. In this era of technology Unboxing is a big deal and a huge trend on YouTube.

When a new product or electronic device is launched, people start searching on these type of product. And then these type of videos start popping up.

Topics for youtube channel
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It’s become a trend these days to check the reviews & specifications on YouTube about the product before going to buy it. So it should be a great choice to make videos. It is also a good idea for those who are looking for youtube video ideas for one person.

2. Review Videos

After unboxing, you can also make a video which shows what you get from a product. Peoples are very excited to know about the new and recently launched products.

Topics for youtube channel
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You can make reviews and point out the Goods and the worst of a certain item you just bought or a service you just availed. It will help a lot of people who are also want the same product or planning to book the same service.

3. ‘How to’ Videos

‘How to’ video is most searched topics on youtube. Mostly people searched these content on YouTube like how to do…, how to remove…., how to solve……how to fix….. etc.

Topics for YouTube Channel
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This topic is one of the best youtube content idea for growing on youtube fast. The plus point of making these types of videos is, it also grow your knowledge in different ways.

4. Shoot a Prank or Comedy Videos

Best topics for youtube channels
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You can see some YouTube Channels who shoot prank videos, they have millions of subscriber on their channel. If you’re able to make your audience laugh then they will definitely share your video with their friends.

5. Gaming

You all know People are crazy about Playing Video Games. But they are also loved to watching other to play video games too. Markiplier is a Youtuber who make videos on Gaming and he has over 22 million subscribers on his Youtube channel.

Topics for youtube channel 2018
Image Source:- Markiplier

Watchers generally like to watch YouTubers play amusements as they give commentary, either to pick up knowledge into how to play better for themselves or essentially as a type of excitement.

6. Cooking

This YouTube topic is almost one of the most searched topic on YouTube. There are a huge number of people who want to learn a new recipe because they want to try something new food every day.

youtube channel ideas
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If you are master in cooking and have something different recipe, you can shoot a video on the recipe. Even if you’ve got the simplest meal or snack ideas, it’s worth sharing them on YouTube. People are always looking for recipe ideas that are easy and practical.

7. Traveling

This is likely the most energizing thought for a YouTube vlog. You film the most picturesque and stunning perspective of your excursion trip. Individuals get the opportunity to perceive how superb that place you just went to.

youtube ideas
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The main purpose of making travel videos is to show people the spots you set your footprints on. This makes them see the spots they have never been and gives them a chance to take a prompt on what to do in a specific place in the event that they intend to visit.

8. Education

topics for youtube videos
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The Internet is a treasure of valuable information. Mostly, Students and teachers are looking for some valuable information or answer to their questions. You can make videos on some typical questions of maths or lectures on some lessons of any books.

9. Beauty Tips

Youtube Ideas to make channel
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Everyone needs to look reasonable and nice looking both Male and females but hesitate to spend their money on an expert beautician/salon. So a video with magnificence tips can spare their cash and increment your cash. This tip also one of the best topics for YouTube channel.

10. Motivational Video

If you’re an ability to motivate anyone and help the people to overcome their problems with your speech then you will become very successful on Youtube.

Youtube channels for beginners
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You can make a channel on motivational videos and help the people with your speech. On YouTube, There is some motivational speaker like Sandeep Maheshwari and Dr. Vivek Bindra who have millions of subscribers on their Channel.

11. Singing Video

In their free time, people are loved to listen to music. If you have the ability to sing better, then YouTube is the best platform for your talent. Make your own video with some popular songs in your voice.

topic for youtube videos
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According to my experience, Some unplugged song gives your voice another platform. Make sure you use some high-quality recording instruments.

12. Computer/Technology Tutorial

If you’re searching for youtube channel ideas without showing your face, then this is one of the best youtube ideas for this. Some Peoples will always be perplexed and confused by technology. Lots of people have some problems with their specific field on technology.

youtube ideas
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You don’t need to be a tech wonder – you should simply indicate supportive methods that you definitely know how to execute.

13. Health Tips

Youtube topics for beginners
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In this era, people are very conscious about their health & fitness. They do different types of exercise like Yoga & Gym to stay fit. So if you present some new tips with some improvement in fitness exercise in your video, it will help people and also help in your health & fitness.

14. FAQ Video

video ideas for youtube
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There are lots of chances to increase your audience from FAQ videos because there are not much FAQ videos on YouTube. You can take some sensitive topics and make videos on it.

15. Vlogging You Life

Topics for youtube channel
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Vlogging is the easiest way to get started with youtube channel because in this you don’t need any other equipment rather than your camera. Usually, vlogger spent their time talking to the camera about their own lives, thoughts, opinions, concerns and even current news topics or events.

It’s thoroughly open-finished and is viewed as the video comparable or writing in a journal, diary or individual blog.


So these are some youtube channel ideas to make money Online but you have to spend some time with your YouTube channel. If you choose one of the above youtube topics, so you have to keep some patience.

If some people like your videos, they’ll subscribe you and came back on your channel. If you get haters and trollers then give some positive response to them. Focus on your craft and the right peoples will notice your videos in no time!

So try to implement in these youtube video ideas, so all the very best & do well.

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