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Vadodara Aunty’s Kiki Challenge video goes viral

Recently a dancing uncle has become popular because his video gone viral on social media this is also the same case. A middle aged women from Gujrat Vadodara has become popular overnight thanks to the viral Kiki challenge. The police also appealed the citizens of our country that we should not do these challenge because of our safety.

The name of Middle aged women is Rizwana Mir and she’s performing on the tune of Canadian rapper Drake’s song Kiki do you love me.

This song and videos depend on #kiki challenge popular overnight. However rizwana told that the viral video was a week old. The horn of other vehicles also cleared that it perform in the middle of the road.

The Gujarat Police too in the past has issued a notification asking people not to take the challenge. The notification said that the challenge could prove fatal.

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Vadodara Traffic police tweeted after watching viral video,

Please don’t get involved or become part of kiki challenge as it is harmful to yourself. Inform and aware your wards and colleagues about not to perform or accept kiki solo steps. 
Via Gujarat Police

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